I can make almost anything

I can make almost anything

A gentleman by the last name of Hunter wanted me to make him a suit out of his family Tartan. The request was to make a three piece suit, jacket, vest and slacks. To be worn as separates not as a suit. I did my research into the Tartan, a very popular plaid. The Hunter plaid is a beautiful green and blue pattern. The outfit turned out absolutely breath taking. Upon completion of each garment I always hang them in the showroom for display. To my dismay as the three piece was hung together with all that green and blue plaid intersecting it was an atrocity. Each piece worn on its own such as a blue blazer with the Tartan plants was a gorgeous outfit, or the plaid jacket worn with a navy slacks was awesome. But all three pieces hung together on a hanger looked like the tailor who made it was color blind. As each customer entered the store they commented “what a beautiful plaid but a three piece suit is a little overwhelming."

The fitting was a simple one with small alterations needed. At the end of the fitting I asked the customer for a huge favor. Please promise me, no I corrected myself, please guarantee me you will never wear this as a three piece suit! The plaid vest and plaid slacks together was ok or the plaid jacket and matching vest was also acceptable. But PLESE NEVER wear this as a three suit.

One of the most memorable suits I have ever made was for John Di Domenico, an Austin Powers impersonator. John brought in detailed pictures of color and the exact lapel style he wanted to have made. What made this request so unique was that John wanted a royal blue, fire engine red and a purple suit made. Not only that, he wanted the fabric to be shiny so it would reflect the light when he was performing. After I quoted him the price for each suit, he commented why so much? I explained to John I was charging him my opining price with no extra charges even though I needed to research where to find the shiny fabric and a custom pattern for the lapels of each coat.

I completed each suit and called John for a fitting. His eyes lit up when he saw his new suits and when he put the first one on the first words out of his mouth were, now I know why you charge the prices you do, it is well worth every dollar. This is awesome and exactly what I wanted. The second suit was my favorite, a fire engine red double breasted suit. All three suits fit great, but the red suit just looked so cool. Upon completion of the alterations John gave me a complete dress rehearsal. I must admit he looked exactly like Austin Powers. You look at the pictures & tell me what you think.

To contact John for appearances email him at johnnyd23@me.com

I get as excited as the customer when they try their new suits on. It is very gratifying & fulfilling to create a vision my customers have. Then to see them get excited like a young child on Christmas morning is why I love my job the most.

By: Len Ventresca