Our services cannot be matched by larger department stores because clothing is what we do, and that is all we do. We have the ability to create custom clothing at many different price points to fit all your needs… literally. We provide the best in modern style, quality and personalized service to some of the most discerning men.

We continue to grow and evolve with menswear and the business world. Our latest evolution blends old world bespoke traditions with cutting edge technology. When you sit down with one of our Custom Clothiers you will be introduced to our Image Rendering Technology. With over 3000 suit fabrics to choose from we have the ability to render images of finished garments that illustrate button choices, thread colors, and style features.

1- Consultation

Our process starts with a one-on-one consultation. During this conversation, we will develop an understanding of your personality, style, and taste in clothing.

2- Selecting Fabrics

Based on your needs, budget, climate in which you live, and timeline, we will guide you through our extensive fabric selection to find a pattern you are comfortable in. The pattern, weight (thickness) of the fabric, and wear needs are things to take into consideration.

3- Style & Design

Together we choose how each garment will be made, including almost everyone's favorite part, the lining. Here the customer can express his true style. Some of the most conservative customers end up picking out some of the most colorful linings.

4- Measurements

This is the most crucial part of the process. More than just measurements are taken, since no two people are identical, our wardrobe consultants will make detailed notes of each customers' physic. The customer's pattern is developed based on his individual need.


At this point is where the customer's pattern is made first, then it is laid on top of each fabric, chalked, and cut out. Assembly is done almost entirely by hand except for the few stress points. A handmade custom garment will easily outlast any store bought garment 2-3 fold.

6- Final Fitting & Delivery

From the date your order is placed, until your first fitting will be about four to five weeks. After your fitting, the minor alterations usually take one week or less.


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Hi my name is Len Ventresca.

I am a third generation tailor who possesses 35 plus years in the custom clothing industry. I successfully completed my education at the Craft Fashion Institute in Philadelphia. While in the program, I learned the old school bench tailoring method, which I continue to incorporate into my work as well as custom shirts. My diverse background and experience have allowed me to successfully continue the family tradition. My business is celebrating its 50th year in operation. I take pride in my work and always strive for excellence. Other key accomplishments include becoming the President of the Custom Tailors and Designers Association (CTDA) both at the National and local Philadelphia Chapter levels. It would be my pleasure to assist you with your wardrobe needs.

- Len Ventresca

Email: Len@LenVentresca.com

Telephone: 267 228 3310